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Government Saadat College is a public college in Bangladesh. It is often referred to as Karatia College.It was established in July 1926. The college is located at Karatia, a place by the side of the Dhaka-Tangail highway and about 7 kilometres from the Tangail.

Saadat college is the first college in Bangladesh established by a Muslim zamindar.It was founded by Wazed Ali Khan Panni, a zamindar and educationalist of Tangail.He named it after the name of his grandfather Saadat Ali Khan Panni.The founder member of Saadat college was Principal Ibrahim Khan.He was the first chief executive of the college. He worked in college till 1947.

The college was upgraded as a degree college in 1938.In Saadat college, the Honours course was commenced in 1966 and the Masters course was commenced in 1974.The Government of Bangladesh promulgated the Saadat college as a national university college on July 7, 1979. It has Honours programme in 16 subjects and Masters programme in 10 subjects. The college is recognised as a postgraduate college.



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